10 Things You Must Try When In Yokohama

10 Things You Must Try When In Yokohama

Zxcfiles.com – Yokohama is a beautiful place. Even though this city has the status as one of the economic and business centers, in fact it does not make the tourism sector wither and lonely from tourists. Proof? Yokohama entered into the ranks of cities in the State of Sakura that is worthy of your visit with H.I.S Travel Indonesia in the holiday season later. There is 10 Things You Must Try When In Yokohama.

But, actually what are the things to try while in Yokohama? Surely you don’t want to be confused right when you’re there later? For that, see our short article on this one! Enjoy listening!

10 Things You Must Try When In Yokohama

  1. Looking for things to try while in Yokohama?

Come to Yokohama Bay Bridge Come on! The Beauty and Illumination Presented is Enchanting!

In Indonesia, maybe we will find it difficult to find a view of scenery as beautiful as this place. How not? Our country is still very limited in number of bridges. Moreover, the Yokohama Bay Bridge has a pretty special shape.

Visiting this bridge is one of the things to try while in Yokohama. With a stretch of 860 meters, the Yokohama Bay Bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in Japan. He also entered into the ranks of the largest bridge, because he has the longest stretch, along the 460 meters.

This bridge has been operating since 1989 ago, and has become one of the vital transportation facilities of the city of Yokohama. Not just a place for passing vehicles, it turns out that the location around the bridge has its own tourism potential. Especially if it wasn’t for the beautiful illumination scenery at night, which made many beautiful scenery hunters flock to stop by, and take some shots of the scene with his favorite camera.

In addition, it turns out the tourists can also enjoy the atmosphere of the City of Yokohama from the Sky Walk! From Sky Walk, the view of the city of Yokohama which is full of sparkling lights will definitely look beautiful and hard to forget!

  1. Happy Shopping? If so, you should shop at Landmark Tower and Queen’s Square while in Yokohama

As we all know, Minatomirai is one of the largest commercial and shopping centers in Yokohama City. We can find a variety of fashion knick knacks from hundreds of stalls and fashion shops at reasonable prices, and the qualities of Japanese craftsmen.

Whether it’s Landmark Tower or Queen’s Tower, both are in strategic locations. Close to the Minatomirai station, and surrounded by family restaurants whose cuisine invites tastes. Didn’t stop by here while in Yokohama? Gosh, what a loss! Now do you know the reason why stopping by here is one of the things to try when you’re in Yokohama?

  1. Relax in the Dockyard Garden also seems to be a must when you are in Yokohama! Must Like!

This place is one of the event space spots that is connected directly to Landmark Tower in the Minatomirai district. In addition to being a place to relax the tourists, it turns out this one place is quite romantic to be a place of honeymoon together with a partner. How not? This place is decorated by 70 thousand light bulbs arranged throughout the Dockyard Garden area.

The light bulbs were apparently used by the manager to display the winter illumination performing arts which were quite entertaining. In addition, there is also a project mapping event. Through this event, you can watch a performance of artwork emitted by the projector, throughout the Dockyard Garden arena. Feel curious about the solemnity of the show? Come directly with H.I.S Travel Come! Must try when in Yokohama!

  1. To Yokohama? Don’t Forget to Visit Yokohama Port Museum Yes! The location is across from Landmark Tower Loh! Near right?

The entrance fee for this museum is quite cheap. Only 100 Yen only! Although the price of admission is cheap, visitors can get as much information about the shipping history of the Japanese Negri on display.

In addition, you can look at photos of the Hikawa Maru ship at several Japanese state events, without having to worry about confusion. Because, in this museum also provided an English-language pamphlet that we can easily read, so we can better understand the implied meaning that is in it.

  1. See Panorama of Yokohama City from the Sky Garden? Definitely exciting! Put This Into A List Of Activities You Must Try When In Yokohama Come!

Sky Garden is one of the tourist destinations that is visited by many tourists. Want to come here? Just come to Landmark Tower, and go up to the 69th floor! Here there is a place of observation that allows every visitor to observe the beautiful panorama of the port city which is quite cool. Our advice, don’t forget to take photos while here! Especially when night has arrived!

  1. Playing at Yokohama Cosmo World is definitely Very Fun! With a Loved One? Must Try When In Yokohama!

Things to try when you are in Yokohama next, playing at Yokohama Cosmo World. The location which is opposite Landmark Tower, makes this place quite easy to access. In addition, this place is also famous for its challenging roller coster, and giant Ferris wheel that can be boarded at a pretty affordable rate!

  1. The Yokohama Hakeijima Aquarium’s Underwater Life Collection Is Also Worth You To Enjoy!

You can visit the Yokohama Hakeijima Aquarium while playing at Hakejima Sea Paradise in Kanazawa, which is on a small island off the coast of Yokohama. Not just an underwater aquarium, games and entertainment facilities offered are fairly complete. So do not be surprised, if this one tourist attraction is always crowded, especially when it is entering the holiday season.

  1. Not Satisfied to See Animals in the Sea? Visit Zoorasia Yuk Zoo!

Zoorasia is one of the zoos that is quite famous in Japan. In Yokohama itself, this place has the full name Zoorasia Yokohama Zoological Gardens, and has enough space to accommodate thousands of people along with animal pens that are kept to be able to live like in their original habitat.

Not only elephants, this zoo also has a collection of endangered animals such as Okapi, and Sumatran Tigers that are almost extinct in their original habitat. Therefore, visiting this place is one of the things that must be tried while in Yokohama.

  1. Have you stopped by Yokohama Akarenga Soko? If Not, Take Your Time To Stop By Come Here!

This place, when translated into Indonesian, has the meaning of “Gudang Batu Bata”. The name is indeed unique, but in fact it is even more unique! How not? This storage warehouse turns out to have a collection of historical objects, which have quite high historical value. Visiting this building is one of the things to try while in Yokohama!

But do you know? The buildings turned out to be quite beautiful when observed at night! After observing, it turns out that this is thanks to the lighting system which is neatly arranged, with a simple modern technology. Of course this will add to the dynamic impression of the historical buildings owned by the city of Yokohama on this one.

The last pleace for 10 Things You Must Try When In Yokohama

  1. Is your stomach rumbling while in Yokohama? Come to Yokohama Chinatown!

Yokohama Chinatown is not much different from other Chinatowns. Here, you can find a variety of stalls selling a variety of items for daily necessities, and food stalls that sell Chinese specialties.

But don’t be surprised if you find a different taste when eating the food that is served! Because the menu, it has been adapted to the tastes of Japanese people, with the presence of some additional seasoning that is commonly used by Japanese people while cooking in the kitchen of his house.

Okay, that was our brief article about 10 Things You Must Try When In Yokohama you should try while in Yokohama. Want to go on vacation there soon?

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