Discover the Secrets of a Trip to Tokyo DisneySea

Discover the Secrets of a Trip to Tokyo DisneySea – Discover the Secrets of a Trip to Tokyo DisneySea – DisneySea Tokyo may have a reputation for playgrounds for adults, but Disney’s distinctive charm can still be seen in its thrilling rides and sea-themed attractions and decorations full of interesting details. There is only one DisneySea in the world and Disney fanatics who recognize that this is the best Disney playground ever!

The following will discuss information about why this playground is so special and how you can make the most of your day at Tokyo DisneySea!

Discover the Secrets of a Trip to Tokyo DisneySea

  1. About Tokyo DisneySea

There are several themes or “ports” that make up Tokyo DisneySea. They are Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront.

Often referred to as the crown jewel of a Disney theme park, a noticeable difference is seen from a marine theme park inspired by myths and sea legends. Compared to her friends, Tokyo DisneySea caters to more mature visitors with more thrilling rides, alcoholic drinks, and more detailed views and decorations.

You can read the full map of Tokyo DisneySea on their website.

What else makes DisneySea different than other Disney playgrounds in the world? Check out Klook’s article about why Tokyo DisneySea is truly second to none!

  1. Tokyo DisneySea Opening Hours

Tokyo DisneySea operational hours are from 09.00 am to 10:00 pm. However, this hour may differ on certain days and special holidays. To be sure, please check beforehand on their website.

Due to the popularity of DisneySea, you will see long queues for hours before the playground even opens. So, make sure you have plenty of time to get there, so you can get there first and certainly be able to maximize your playing time at DisneySea.

If you are a hotel guest at Tokyo Disney Resort, you will be entitled to a Happy 15 Entry benefit. You can enter certain areas at DisneySea 15 minutes before the playground opens. With this advantage, you can enjoy certain attractions, shop at DisneySea stores or get the first FastPass ticket compared to others!

  1. How to buy tickets?

There are several ways for you to get DisneySea tickets. The easiest, hassle-free and direct way is to buy a 1-Day Pass or 2-Day Pass from Klook. You can enjoy the benefits of getting instant confirmation and the best price from Klook! Guaranteed!

You can also buy tickets on the same day at their ticket booth. However, you are more at risk of not getting a ticket if the capacity of the playground is already high that day. In addition to this method, you can also buy tickets online at the official Tokyo Disney Resort website. Tokyo Disney Resort hotel guests can get tickets at the hotel with a guarantee that they will definitely be able to enter DisneySea even at peak times of the crowd and visitors’ restriction.

Entrance tickets can also be purchased beforehand at the Disney Store in Japan or from ticket machines at Family Mart and Lawson in Japan only!

  1. The Right Time To Visit

As you might expect, Tokyo DisneySea as the most visited playground in the world receives an abundant number of visitors throughout the year. You will almost never see a quiet park at DisneySea and even in low season even DisneySea is the busiest playground compared to other parks.

When we consider national holidays, weather and other factors, the best time to visit DisneySea is before and after the Golden Week (or the golden week that starts in early April or late May). At this time, summer hasn’t started yet so you can enjoy your visit comfortably.

National holidays in Japan such as the New Year (late December to early January) and Golden Week (late April to early May) and other school holidays are the busiest times. For a list of holidays in Japan, you can see here. To avoid human crowds and find the right time to visit, this calendar is very useful!

If you have no problem with the full sea of ​​humans, special holidays are great for getting limited seasonal events. Halloween and Christmas are the most popular days among visitors. DisneySea celebrates these days with extraordinary decorations and displays many endless special performances.

Don’t be too dizzy if you don’t find the right time to go there. Remember that you will go to Tokyo DisneySea and it will be very difficult to get a bad time during your visit there!

  1. The Best Attractions

Toy Story Mania! is one of the most popular attractions at Tokyo DisneySea. FastPassI for this attraction is very quickly used up. The Journey to the Center of the Earth is also one of the best rides at DisneySea with intricate decorations.

In addition, Tower of Terror is also one of DisneySea’s best attractions. With the intricate decoration of the decor starting from the queue line, it’s no wonder this ride has become a favorite of visitors. Other attractions that must be tried are Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage, Raging Spirits, Indiana Jones Adventure, Aquatopia and many more.

To explore other favorite attractions and info on 7 ports in Tokyo DisneySea, visit the DisneySea Attractions Guide!

In Tokyo DisneySea is also a place where you can find that Duffy can be more famous than Mickey! Duffy is Mickey’s pink teddy bear who always accompanies him wherever he is, Shellie May is also cute. This Duffy souvenir can only be found at DisneySea and not at Tokyo Disneyland.

Also make sure you see a place to wash your hands in the park. They have a soap dispenser that emits Mickey Mouse shaped foam when you press the button. Only Disney can make washing hands fun!

  1. FastPass System

The queue of rides at DisneySea can be very long, especially popular rides that can take up to 2 hours to queue. For this reason, like other Disney Playgrounds, DisneySea has a FastPass system that helps visitors to minimize waiting time and is free to use by everyone.

With FastPass, you can queue faster than others (for certain attractions). You can also get FastPass by scanning the entrance ticket, choosing the attractions you want and the time available. You just have to be in the queue on time according to the time printed on your FastPass. So, meanwhile, you can maximize your time to go and enjoy other rides.

However, due to the high density of visitors and the limited number of FastPass given at DisneySea, these tickets are quickly used up. Usually the FastPass queue was very long when DisneySea opened. So, plan your FastPass retrieval strategy wisely!

After you get FastPass, in order to qualify for the next FastPass, you have to wait for about 2 hours or when you return, whichever comes first. Attractions that apply using FastPass are:

Tower of Terror

Nemo & Friends SeaRider

Indiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull

The Magic Lamp Theater

Mermaid Lagoon Theater

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Toy Story Mania!

Raging Spirits

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

  1. Lottery System

Unlike FastPass, the DisneySea Lottery system is a system where visitors can get a chance to win a certain appearance, just like winning the lottery! Lottery machines are available at Mediterranean Harbor. This lottery system gives all visitors the same opportunity to see shows that have a limited number of seats even though they arrive rather late than others.

At Tokyo DisneySea, Big Band Beat is the only show that uses a lottery system. But, you can still watch this show without winning the lottery. Simply waiting in line and getting ready on the balcony seat. In addition, you also don’t need to take the lottery if the show is the first performance of the day.

  1. Transportation Within the Park

Park transportation varies from the iconic Venezia gondola to the train above and the steamer line, Tokyo DisneySea never stops giving visitors a sense of wonder at the mode of transportation within the park itself.

8.1 Venice Gondola

Imagine a romantic view on the Palazzo Canal, Venice Italy, Tokyo DisneySea also has a mode of transportation that is a hit among park visitors. Coupled with a friendly gondolier, the view from the top of the gondola after sunset is amazing!

8.2 DisneySea Electric Trains

Get on the train if you want to see the view from above which makes your breathing stop. Relax and enjoy Port Discovery with amazing views of the American Waterfront below you!

8.3 Big City Vehicles

Feel your experience riding a vehicle from the 20th century in one of the Big City Vehicles. Drive via American Waterfront from Cape Cod to New York Harbor or vice versa. From limousines of various types to patrol cars and delivery trucks which will certainly add to your unique experience at DisneySea!

8.4 DisneySea Transit Steamer Line

If you want to slow down your pace and gather beautiful DisneySea park views in your mind, DisneySea Transit Steamer Line is the perfect choice. With a route through the Mediterranean Harbor to Cape Cod and Lost River Delta, this mode of transportation is a pleasant choice to get around in the park.

  1. Food at Tokyo DisneySea

Japan has never played around in serving food and neither has Tokyo DisneySea. Many say that DisneySea has the best food that serves more adult food choices than other Disney Playgrounds, because very few Disney parks serve alcohol! Not only do they serve pints of beer but also interesting cocktails at the beverage stalls with the best alcohol choices at Teddy Roosevelt Lounge.

For a pleasant dining experience, you can choose fine dining in fancy Magellan or simple food in sit-down restaurants. There are also many good snacks for snacks throughout the day such as fried bananas and caramel burritos, mochi shaped Little Green Alien, Roti the Chandu Tiger Tail, Disney’s turkey legs are classic, and much more.

But of course, Disney parks won’t be complete without popcorn! At DisneySea, you can find popcorn with various flavors such as sweet soy sauce and butter, curry, honey, cappuccino and many more. If you’re lucky, you might get a taste that only appears in certain seasons.

  1. Connections in the Park

Unfortunately, in the park there is no public wifi available. To make sure you are always connected to an internet connection, use the 4G WiFi device from Klook.

DisneySea has a web-based application with information about waiting times for each attraction in real-time. You can only access this application when in the park. Be sure to turn on your GPS location service and use Chrome for the translator feature.

After all, if you’re connected, how else can you update your social media and make all your friends jealous of the time you spend at DisneySea?

  1. Nearest Stay Location From DisneySea

Lots of hotel choices in and around Tokyo, and it all depends on your budget. For your convenience, you can consider 3 Disney hotels, 6 official partner hotels close to the park. Disney Hotels are Disney-owned properties, while official hotels are owned by other partner companies. A partner company is a company owned by another company located in the vicinity of Tokyo Disney Parks.

For more information on hotels in and around Tokyo Disney Resort, please read the accommodation guide.

For guests staying at Tokyo Disney Resorts hotels (Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel), they all provide Happy 15 entries, i.e. you can enter 15 minutes early into the park at open time. Another advantage is that you can enjoy the monorail on Disney Resort Line for free and the Disney Resort Cruiser shuttle bus service.

  1. Access to Tokyo DisneySea?

Known for its efficient and perfect public transportation, going to Tokyo DisneySea Resort is not difficult. To go to DisneyPark, the best way is to use a bus or train.

12.1 Train

Tokyo DisneySea can be reached via JR Keiyo Line or JR Musashino Line and stops at Maihama Station, depending on which direction you are coming from. From Maihama Station take the Disney Resort Monorail from the Gateway Resort Station connected to JR Maihama Station. Get off at Tokyo DisneySea Station or the third station of you goes up.

If you want to travel around Japan, it’s a good idea to consider buying a JR Pass. This is the cheapest and most convenient way to cover all your trips in Japan and you can use it for the majority of local buses, Miyajima Ferry and all JR train lines. JR Pass offers tickets that are valid for 7-Days, 14-Days, and 21-Days that you can get from Klook.

12.2 Bus

The best way to get a bus bound for DisneySea is to take a ride from Shinjuku Station that goes directly to Tokyo DisneySea. You can also find other buses to Disney Resort from Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama and many more. For more detailed information on departures and directions, please open the Tokyo DisneySea bus guide.

However, it must be remembered that if you choose to use the bus, you must be on time and manage your time better.

For complete information and options on how to get to the park, please see the Tokyo Disney Resort Transportation Guide.

Step into the charming Tokyo DisneySea and let your worries disappear in it. With so many secret corners you can explore, the only thing that limits you to an amazing Disney trip is your magic ticket!

Don’t let the Disney magic stop here! Go to Tokyo Disneyland and make sure you are ready by reading the Tokyo Disneyland Travel Guide on Klook!

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