The Best Traveling to Tokyo Disneyland with Children

The Best Traveling to Tokyo Disneyland with Children – The Best Traveling to Tokyo Disneyland with Children –  Surely many of you have made Tokyo Disney Resort one of the tourist destinations when vacationing in Japan. In Japan, there are 2 types of theme parks owned by Tokyo Disney Resort, namely Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Visiting anything will definitely take a day. If I have to choose 1 of them, which one is more interesting?

Both are equally interesting, but usually visitors who come as a family prefer Tokyo Disneyland which has many attractions for children. Starting from the symbol of this playground, namely Cinderella Castle, to meet greetings with Disney characters, this park is suitable for those who want to experience “Disney truly Disney”. Surely your child will be happy!

This time MATCHA will introduce the best way to enjoy Tokyo Disneyland with your child.

The Best Traveling to Tokyo Disneyland with Children

  1. Make a Plan from Away!

Tokyo Disneyland is a famous theme park all over the world. Not only are there many attractions, the show is also high class. I was so famous, surely you will queue long. To be able to enjoy Tokyo Disneyland practically, let’s follow the following points!

  1. Check the parade schedule, list of attractions, new merchandise, and special menus on the official Disneyland website
  2. Make a list of the attractions you want to visit
  3. Find out which attractions can be climbed with FASTPASS
  4. Write a list of attractions that do not use FASTPASS

If you are confused, make a guide for first-time visitors to Tokyo Disneyland on the official site as an example. Don’t forget to make sure in advance on the official site whether the attraction you want to visit is being rested or not.

Select Attractions from the Official Site

On the Disneyland official site’s attractions page, there is a variety of information and warnings about the attraction, such as “Safe ride when it rains”, “Loud sounds”, and “Frightening figures will appear”, which you can confirm in advance. Come on, determine which attractions you and your child want to ride from afar.

For those who can speak Japanese, there is a special page called Disney Mama Style that can be used as your guide. This page explains how to play at Disneyland and what should be prepared for mother and child.

Make sure the location of the baby center first

At Tokyo Disneyland, there are Baby Centers in the World Bazaar and Toon Town areas.

Inside the Baby Center, there is a special room for breastfeeding, baby mattresses for changing diapers, and changing rooms. Not only that, there are also microwaves and hot water that has been cooled beforehand to temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius. You can both use it to warm milk and baby food. Inside the Baby Center the design is also Disney-style and creates a bright and pleasant atmosphere.

You can use the Baby Center in Toon Town from 1 hour after Disneyland opens until 1 hour before Disneyland closes.

  1. Buy Tickets According to Visit Time

Surely many families who want to enjoy Disneyland from morning to night. However, there are also families who cannot be at Disneyland all day. For these busy families, MATCHA will introduce 2 types of tickets called Starlight Passport and After 6 Passport.

Both of these tickets provide limited time to enjoy Disneyland so it is not suitable for visitors who want FASTPASS facilities and special seats for the parade. However, this ticket is suitable for visitors who like the following:

  1. Visitors who get tired easily are in the playground all day with family
  2. Visitors who suddenly change the event to go to Disneyland while on vacation in a narrow time
  3. Visitors who only want to see the parade at night
  4. Visitors who just want to enjoy the Disney atmosphere
  5. Information You Should Gather on Visit Day

After getting ready, buying a ticket, and arriving in Tokyo, it’s time to play at Disneyland! In this section, MATCHA will discuss the various facilities available along with various practical tips to enjoy your day at Disneyland.

At Tokyo Disneyland, in addition to the guided map pamphlet, there is a pamphlet named “Today” which contains information on parade schedules and shows. This pamphlet is also available in languages ​​other than Japanese, including English, traditional Mandarin, simple Mandarin, and Korean. You can take this pamphlet directly at “Main Street House” when you enter Disneyland. Don’t forget to take it.

Indeed, you can find information on the internet, but “Today” holds information that only exists on the day of the visit. Not only that, “Today” also holds information about limited edition products and restaurant information for the month. The design also changes depending on the season, you know! Even if you want to go home, it is better not to be thrown away and collected.

Cute Baby Carts That Can Be Borrowed on Visit Day

From the entrance of the amusement park, walk to the right and you will find a baby cart rental location (for 1000 yen). With a design similar to Mickey Mouse, this baby car is very cute! The staff will explain the rules for using this baby cart when you borrow it. Relax, this baby cart is lightweight and easy to carry.

During rental, the tenant’s name will be written on the baby cart. No need to worry about swapping with other baby carts! You can even rent a wheelchair and more, you know.

Put the default weight on the lockers and enjoy Disney to the fullest!

Another facility that you can find when you first enter Disneyland is a locker. There are various sizes of lockers that you can use, ranging from the smallest at a rental price of 300 yen to the largest one at a rental price of 700 yen.

If you’re worried about not getting a locker, check the 4 locker areas outside the park before coming to Disneyland. You can find out the location of Disneyland locker rental on this page.

There is also a service called “Rider Switch Service”. When there is an attraction that one of your children cannot ride, but you and other family members want to ride, you and another family member can take turns riding the attraction to look after each other and save queue time.

If you want to use this facility, let the staff know that you “want to use the Rider Switch Service” before starting to queue.

  1. Pleasant Locations Visited in Different Weather

For those of you who travel to Disneyland from a remote location and have already booked your tickets from a distance, you will most likely not be able to predict the weather in advance. To be practical for all types of tourists, MATCHA will introduce suitable areas to visit in all types of weather, from rainy days to sweltering heat.

World Bazaar

World Bazaar is an area that has many shops and restaurants. On top of the building there is a glass roof so even on rainy days you don’t need an umbrella to walk around here.

In front of the shops there are many chairs that you can sit on for a short break if you are tired.

Toon Town

In Toon Town there are many Disney character houses, making you and your family feel like you are in the world of Disney.

Among the character houses, MATCHA recommends Chip ‘n Dale’s Tree House. In this house there is a spiral staircase leading to the second floor, it will be fun going up and down with your child. One of the advantages of this house is not too crowded. You can go inside to avoid the hot sun.

Many Indoor Restaurants

At Disneyland there are many restaurants, ranging from restaurants that only sell set menus, to restaurants that have their own shows. MATCHA would recommend a restaurant that has plenty of indoor seating. You can rest and avoid the rain or the sun here.

  1. Snacks for Not Much Time

For those who don’t want to spend a lot of time and just want to fill the stomach with snacks without having to go to a restaurant, the following food stands are right for you!


At the Tokyo Disneyland popcorn stand there is not only the usual salty taste of popcorn, there is also barbecue, caramel, and others which are certainly delicious. Not only that, the popcorn box has a unique Disney character shape and image. Come on, save your meal time by buying this cute popcorn!


Churros Tokyo Disneyland is known for its crispy outside and soft inside. Both adults and children will definitely like it. The uniqueness of churros at Disneyland is that it looks like Mickey Mouse. Try to bite it neatly, it will look!

Smoked Chicken

For those who like meat, don’t miss the smoked chicken. The taste of the meat is very pronounced with just one bite.

Ice Candy

Snacks suitable for hot days! Yellow Mickey Mouse has a tropical fruit flavor, while Pink Minnie Mouse has a peach berry flavor. Fresh ice eaten in summer.

  1. Take another photo of another with a Cinderella Castle background

If you have been to Tokyo Disneyland, you must take a picture at Cinderella Castle! MATCHA will introduce a unique location to take pictures with Cinderella Castle in the background.

  1. In front of the World Bazaar

Here, not only Cinderella Castle, but you can also get photos with a statue of Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney.

  1. Swiss Family Tree House

When entering the attraction that can be passed by walking, the “Swiss Family Treehouse”, you can get a photo of Cinderella Castle surrounded by green trees from a distance.

  1. In Front of the Flying Elephant’s Dumbo

Photograph your child while riding Dumbo The Flying Elephant against the background of Cinderella Castle. With the right timing, the Dumbo will look very happy!

  1. Behind Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle looks very different when photographed from behind. The windows are more visible, giving a strong impression.

  1. Near Stitch Encounter

Near the “Stitch Encounter” attraction, there are interesting creeks and green fields to take with Cinderella Castle.

  1. In the Second Side of Cinderella Castle

On the left and right side of Cinderella Castle there is a small pool. Willow trees are planted around the pond, making this location feel like a fairytale world.


Even though you’ve been to Disneyland though, every time you come you will feel a sense of enthusiasm as if it was the first time visiting it. Hopefully with the help of this article, when you and your family go on vacation to Tokyo Disneyland it will be practical with unforgettable memories.

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