Travel to the Doraemon Museum in Japan

Travel to the Doraemon Museum in Japan – Travel to the Doraemon Museum in Japan – Travel to the Doraemon Museum – Who does not know Japanese cartoon no 1? Surely everyone already knows about this Doraemon cartoon from Japan? Doraemon himself is a cute blue robot cat. Besides being funny, even Doraemon has a lot of sophisticated equipment, ranging from the past to the future. Do you know that in Japan there is a Doraemon Museum? Now here I will explain the Doraemon Museum in Japan called the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum.

Fujiko F. Fujio Museum or better known as the Doraemon Museum in Nagao, Japan. Incidentally this Museum is located not too far from downtown Tokyo and there are already available special buses that can easily be accessed via local bus stops. However, if you want to visit this Museum, you must first buy tickets sold at Lawson, when you arrive in Japan you should You go straight to Lawson to order tickets, don’t come directly to the museum because the tickets are not sold at the Museum.

Parties from the museum severely limit the number of tickets per hour so that the function inside the museum is not too crowded and can provide comfort to visitors. The price of admission here is around 1000 yen or IDR 116 thousand per person. The museum was built in honor of Professor Fujiko F. Fujio, the person who gave birth to the character Doraemon.

Travel to the Doraemon Museum in Japan

  1. Meet with the Doll Statue of Doraemon, Nobita and the Other.

The interesting thing if you visit this place is, you can meet the statue of Doraemon. There is even more interesting, that you can find statues from all Doraemon series, such as Pisuke, one of the dinosaurs in one of the Doraemon Serial Episodes.

  1. Playing with Magic Objects from Doraemon’s Bag.

Besides being able to meet the Doraemon serial characters, you can also find and play using Magic Objects from the Doraemon Pouch. Examples such as the Everywhere Door.

  1. Tasting Food Related to Doraemon

After playing and taking pictures in the Statue of Figure or in the magic objects of Doraemon, you can visit cafes that sell special food in the Doraemon film series. Like Dorayaki, agar is always served by Suneo and food that comes out of the Magic Coconut.

How to get to the Doraemon Museum?

If you are from Shinjuku, you have to take the Odakyu-Odawara train, then get off at Noborito Station (20 minutes, 250 yen). From Noborito Station you can walk all the way to Doraemon Museum or you can also take the shuttle bus from the Station to the Museum (10 minutes, 210 yen).

Things to Look For

Not all locations can we take pictures.

Always maintain cleanliness

Buy tickets can not be directly at the Museum but must be at Lawson.

Not allowed to bring food and drinks.

Before entering the Museum area, we will first be equipped with an electronic audio guide in English. In addition, we can also see a workspace replica for making Doraemon’s works. The museum has a 3-storey height of which the first 2 floors are exhibition spaces and the top are cafes and restaurants. In addition, you can buy souvenirs after returning from this Museum, because there are many who sell souvenirs related to this Doraemon.

So what? Are you interested in visiting here?

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